The novel coronavirus infection has affected every sphere of human life. If we were to say that it has changed the way we function on a day-to-day basis, it would still be an understatement. The service sector has been hit too. With restrictions in place and skepticism surrounding the spread of the disease, people feel reluctant to get out of their house. However, we, at Kelly Buick GMC Service Center, are doing everything we can to keep the safety of our customers and employees a top priority. While we...continue reading

Automotive safety technology has been revolutionized over recent years. Carmakers have come up with active, as well as, passive features so that pedestrians and passengers can be safe. General Motors Company has also been in this league and has come up with their GMC Pro Safety Plus and GMC Pro Safety packages.

These packages have been part of the companys initiatives to consolidate and rebrand its different tech offerings. The 2021 GMC Acadia is one of the first vehicles from GMC to come up with these new safety...continue reading

General Motors Company has always had a hit on its hands with the Yukon Denali. The company claims that the vehicle contributes to 56 percent of all their Yukon sales. It is popular among people who wish to own a luxury SUV but are not looking for a high price tag or a luxury badge.

It seems that the Yukon owners are also looking for a cargo- and passenger-friendly interior. Their wish is getting fulfilled with the introduction of the redesigned GMC Yukon for the model year 2021.

The new vehicle comes...continue reading

A vehicle history report is an important document during the purchase of a used car. There are some terms in a CARFAX vehicle history report which are potential red flags.

1. Multiple Owners

A young car with too many owners is a sure sign that there is something seriously wrong with the car. Numerous owners also make it difficult to track the maintenance history of the vehicle.

2. Failure in Emission Tests

Cars fail emission tests due to major engine or mechanical problems. If the CARFAX report mentions failed emission...continue reading

Keeping your car clean is a necessity. It's also a tricky job since you have to clean the car without causing any damage. You must be careful about the products you use. If in any doubt, consult your dealership for information about the appropriate products to be used for cleaning your car.

Cleaning the Exterior

Never use a dishwashing liquid to clean your car's exterior. It will destroy the oils in your paint finish. Purchase a cleaner designed to clean vehicles. Rinse the cleaner out with clean water. Use a clay-barring...continue reading