Tips for Buying a Used Car

Looking for a used car? That’s a great choice! When you opt for a pre-owned vehicle, you’re saving money while still getting a “like-new,” reliable vehicle. Plus, finding the right seller or dealer who you can trust will make all the difference.

But how can drivers in Emmaus, Allentown, and Bethlehem know just what to look for when deciding on a pre-owned car, truck, or SUV? Our team at Kelly Buick GMC has a few tips for you to check out when buying your next used car.

Tip #1: Decide on a Budget, and Stick to It

This step is important, and it’s crucial to decide on this first. Determining your budget will narrow down your vehicle search, and allow you to decide what will be comfortable for you financially. Consider your current bill, decide on a number you feel good about, and stick to it.

Tip #2: Determine What Your Car Will Be Used for the Most

When you decide to purchase a new car, figuring out what you’ll need it for the most is just as important as deciding on your budget. Will you be driving the kids and their friends to soccer practice? Are you just commuting back and forth to work? Using your vehicle for job sites? This will also be a deciding factor in the next tip…

Tip #3: Find the Right Make/Model

When you’ve figured out your budget and what you’ll be using your pre-owned vehicle for, you can start your research on different makes and models that fit into your criteria. At this point, you’ll probably know whether you need a sedan, truck, or SUV, which should make narrowing down your search much easier.

Tip #4: Find a Reliable Used Car Dealership

Now that you’ve decided on your make and model, you’ll have to find it at a used car dealership. And in finding a used car dealership, you’ll want to make sure it’s one you trust. Read reviews on the dealership, or maybe ask the opinions of family or friends who’ve used them before.

Tip #5: Check the Vehicle History Report

Because you’re buying a used car, you’ll want to know where the car has been before, and why the previous owner decided to sell it or trade it in. Websites like CARFAX® will give you full Vehicle History Reports, so you can check to see if the vehicle was in any major accidents, or if there’s any lasting damage that will cost you in the long run.

Tip #6: Time for a Test Drive

After you’ve gone through the first five tips, it’s time to test drive your ideal vehicle. This is a great deciding factor in choosing your next used car, as you can get a feel for how the car runs, if there are any problems starting it, any odd noises happening, etc. Test driving your next vehicle is the best last step before choosing your ride.