Best Truck Tires for Your GMC Canyon

GMC Canyon owners should have a clear idea about what the best truck tires for their vehicles are. Depending on driving conditions, they must choose different tires. Keep in mind that your tires have a finite life, and along the way, you will have to deal with problems such as flat tires. The good news is that when the time comes to choose the best tires for your GMC Canyon, you have several options available to you.

All-Season Tires
When choosing tires for your GMC trucks or GMC Vehicles, you need to keep the following in mind. Start by considering all-season tires that work equally well in both rain and sunshine. They can be used all-year-round and have a mix of rubber compounds and special treads that improve performance - no matter what the prevailing weather conditions are.

All-Terrain Tires
Next, for your 2020 GMC Canyon or 2019 GMC Canyon, you should consider all-terrain tires. These tires work well when you transfer from asphalt roads to surfaces with loose gravel. These tires have aggressive tread patterns that help to improve traction. However, since these tire treads wear out, you should rotate them more often than regular tires.

Run-Flat Tires
Run-flat tires are especially useful when dealing with a flat tire. These tires are designed to let you drive for a short time while at a limited speed for a limited distance after the tire gets punctured. When using these tires on your 2020 GMC Canyon or 2019 Canyon, be sure to stick to the specific instructions for both tire and vehicle.

Summer-Only Tires
Summer-only tires or performance tires are a good option in hot weather conditions when the surfaces are hot and when there are heavy downpours. These tires have special tread patterns and use different rubber compounds and have a low aspect ratio. All these features help to optimize performance on both dry as well as wet roads.

Snow-Winter Tires
Last but not least, consider snow/winter tires, which offer improved traction in cold weather conditions.

In Conclusion...
You need to use tires that work well under prevailing conditions. Never use summer tires during the winter months as that will end up compromising the safety of your vehicle. Also, make sure that you only use tires that have been specially approved by GM in terms of tire and wheel combinations.

Now that you know more about the best tires for your GMC Canyon, be sure to visit the Kelly Buick dealership in Emmaus, PA, serving the cities of Allentown, Easton, and Bethlehem.

Source: GMC