How to Find the Right Tires for Your Car: Truck Edition

The right tires are important for excellent comfort and safety. Choosing the right tires depends on several factors, including your lifestyle and area weather. Here, we list some such factors.

Know the Size of your Car Tire

Tire size is measured in diameters and can be anywhere from 13 inches to 22 inches. The right size can be obtained from your existing tire. It is specified on the tire’s visible side within a series of numbers. The last number in the series refers to your tire diameter.

You can also find the right tire size by using search tools provided by your retailer online. Specify the parameters requested by the tool such as the make and model of the car, and you will be guided on the right tire size.

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Determine Tire Type

There are tires for different terrains and seasons. The right tire type would depend on your local weather and road conditions, your driving behavior, and your favorite terrains.

Some popular tire types include all-season tires, summer tires, winter tires, performance tires, mud-terrain tires, and all-terrain tires.

Season-specific tires are a great choice if your region experiences extreme weather conditions. While all-season tires offer a comfortable ride during any season, they cannot handle harsh and extreme weather conditions. You can always replace your season-specific tires with all-season tires once the season ends.

Performance tires are great if you love high speed. They offer excellent grip under high-speed conditions. But they wear faster than other tire types.

All-terrain tires are best if your lifestyle includes frequent off-road trips. They are as comfortable on normal roads as they are on rough terrains such as mud, sand, and gravel-laden roads.

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Go for Tires Specific to your Model

Tires designed specifically for your car’s make and model work best with your car’s components such as the engine and braking system. Such tires offer outstanding grip and excellent braking ability. They reduce on-road noise and offer a smooth and safe experience.

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Source: GMC