Do You Qualify for the GMC College Discount?

Ease the financial burden of driving in cities like Allentown, Easton, and Bethlehem with the GMC College Discount.

GMC College Discount

Eligibility Criteria
You can obtain a special discounted price that falls below the MSRP if you’re a college student, graduate student, or recent college graduate when buying or leasing qualifying GMC cars. It is applicable to current college or graduate students or those who have graduated within two years from a 2 or 4-year program.

Those availing the offer can be requested to show proof of their eligibility, which may include:

  • Evidence of enrolment in a curriculum for students, undergraduates, nurses, or graduates.
  • A diploma, from a Bachelor’s degree of 4 years, a registered nursing degree, or a 2-year associate or graduate degree course, obtained no more than two years before the buying or leasing of the vehicle.

  • Those found to be eligible for the program may be suspended for five years and required to repay incentive amounts if authorization numbers from the vehicle purchase program are sold or used illegally, with permanent suspension resulting from continued rule violations. As per the program, those eligible can buy or lease two vehicles each year of the calendar.

    Period Of Eligibility And Titling
    Authorization numbers are legitimate for 90 days when an eligible model is purchased or leased, with participants needing to qualify all through the purchasing process, from the date the process begins to the delivery date of the vehicle.

    If a car is bought or leased with cash or through a loan, ownership must be maintained for at least six months from the date of the vehicle’s delivery. The model purchased/leased must only be used for personal/non-commercial reasons.

    If needed for financial reasons, vehicles can be co-titled, in which case the primary listing of the participant’s name on the title, registration, and financing documents is still necessary.

    GMC Models Offering The College Discount Program
  • Acadia (excluding SL)
  • Yukon
  • Canyon (excluding SL)
  • Savana
  • Terrain (excluding SL)
  • Sierra
  • Yukon XL

  • Source: GMC