How to Change a Tire

Changing Changing_Tire

In the event of an emergency, every driver must know how to change his flat tire in Emmaus, PA. There are several service centers around Emmaus. But, it is always comforting to know the basics of changing the tire on your own.
Simple Steps to Change Your Tire
 1. Tools & Equipment
 Always make sure you are carrying a spare tire that's in good working order. Apart from this, you will need the following:
 • Lug wrench
 • Jack
 • Owner’s Manual
 2. Preparing for the Tire Change
 Turn on your hazard lights to alert other vehicles. To reduce the chances of your car rolling, apply the parking brake. 
 3. Hubcap Removal
This step is for cars that have wheel covers. Remove the hubcap by handling the flat end of the lug wrench. It's in your best interest to double-check the owner’s manual in case a specific tool is necessary.
 4. Unscrewing the Lug Nuts
 Loosen the lug nuts by rotating them counter-clockwise with the lug wrench. It’s critical you don’t unscrew the lug nuts completely; about half-a-turn is more than enough.
 5. Raising Your Car
 Place the jack underneath the car, next to the flat tire. Car frames generally include a mark to show where the jack needs to go. Next, raise the vehicle until the tire is about a half a foot off the ground.
 6. Changing the Tire 
 Take the lug nuts off the flat tire, and remove the tire by twisting the wheel in your direction. Next, grab the spare tire and, lining it up with the lug bolts, start forcing it in. Screw the lug nuts back onto the lug bolts with your hands. Make sure you tighten them as much as you can. Do not use your lug wrench at this point.
 7. Lowering the Car
 Lower the car until the spare tire is touching the ground. Using your lug wrench, turn the lug nuts clockwise until they are secure and attached. Remove the jack after lowering the car completely.
 8. Final Checks
 Gather and store away all your tools and equipment including the flat tire. Inspect the spare tire once again to make sure everything is in order.
 9. Head to a Tire Repair Service
 Once you have achieved changing the tire, it’s recommended you visit our Buick GMC experts in Emmaus, PA. Spare tires are not meant to last. The sooner you get your flat tire repaired or replaced, the safer your driving experience.

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