Tips to Save On Your Next Vehicle Service

You can never tell when your car may break down. But with a few smart decisions and regular upkeep, you can extend the longevity of your vehicle and spend much less on its upkeep.

Preventative Maintenance Is Vital

The best way you can save big on maintenance is by taking preventive measures to keep it running smoothly. You have to maintain the fluid levels, keep an eye out for the air filter, and service your car whenever you detect a problem. Though you need to keep all the fluid levels at sufficient amounts, do not keep topping them, as overfilling may cause the oil to leak over.

Clean Your Car

Keep your car safe from mud, water, and minerals such as salt and calcium. They tend to erode the surface of your vehicle, causing you to either bear extensive repairs or shell out a fortune for a new purchase altogether. 

Clean your model thoroughly at least once a week, including its undercarriage. As an added measure, apply rustproofing treatments every one to two years. After cleaning your car, be sure to dry its edges.

Check Up On The Oil Light

The oil light on your dashboard indicates the health of your engine. When you see the oil light flicker on, pull your car over to the side and shut off your engine. If you need a fluid top-up, you can do that in the next gas station with ease. 

In the case of an oil-pressure warning, you have to call the nearest mechanic and get your prized possession towed to safety, as starting your engine could completely destroy your vehicle. Always remember to check your oil light to keep your model running at its peak.

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Source: Buick GMC