Types of Autobody Repair

Auto body damage is not only visually undesirable, but it may be hiding bigger problems. No two cases of auto body damage are the same. A broad understanding of auto body repair methods can help you decide whether to bring your car in for repair and what you’re in for. Read on to know the most common auto body repair work.

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Paintless Dent Repair
When the body of your car has been dented, but the paint is still intact, paintless dent repair is an easy fix. A technician will use tools to tap at the body carefully and reset the dent. Paintless dent repair is popular with hobbyists but can cause paint damage, which results in more expensive repairs. Instead, opt to take your car to any qualified repair shop around Easton, Pennsylvania.

Body Filler
If the damage is of a more serious nature, body filler is opted for. A substance that solidifies over time is used to mold out the damage and bring back the shape of the car. Color match auto painting is then used to mask signs of the dent.

Color Match Painting
After body filler is used, color match painting applies paint to the hindered area alone. Painting is done painstakingly to match the rest of the body. This technique saves money compared to a full paint job.

Body Panel Replacement
Technicians may, in some cases, deem it simpler to replace the entire damaged panel. This includes hood, door, bumper, window, fender, trunk lid, or other body panel replacement.

Frame Repair

Half of all accidents result in structural damage to the frame. The frame houses the engine, transmission, and other important components. Frame repair may be done using the latest technologies like welding and laser straightening.

Collision Repair
When your car has a collision, it may be tempting to brush off the damage as merely cosmetic to save time and money. It is important to have your car examined post-collision by an auto body repair shop to ensure no long-term adverse effects on your car. Collision repair can result in multiple fixes and is crucial to the long life of your car.

Source: Buick/GMC