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Why Are Brakes So Important to My Buick or GMC?

Your brakes are one of the most important - if not the most important - safety feature on your vehicle. Your brake system allows you to avoid most incidents or accidents while on the roads, and therefore requires you to pay close attention to how your brakes are working. A regular inspection of your brakes is recommended - perform a visual inspection, measuring pad and shoe thickness, check for even wear of the pads and shoes, and check rotors for run out and hot spots. Having a trusted mechanic do a regular inspection of your wheel cylinders, brake lines and brake master cylinder, calipers, and brake fluid. We recommend having your brake system inspected with each oil change or at minimum every 6 months or about every 6,000 miles. When all of these different parts and components are working together correctly you can have confidence in your braking system while driving to keep you safe and secure.

What Kind of Brake Pads Do I Need for my Buick or GMC?

Your brake pads are one of the most important components to your vehicle's brake system, and there are a few common options when it comes to brake pads - metallic, organic, and ceramic - each giving you different levels of efficiency and price.

Brake Pad Recommendations:

  1. Light-Compact Cars
    • With a lighter compact car, you won't need as much force to stop your vehicle, therefore its recommended that smaller vehicles use an organic brake pad. They have enough stopping power, create less noise, and are fairly inexpensive. If you are willing to pay more, ceramic brake pads will work well here as well.
  2. Mid-Size Cars
    • With a larger vehicle you will need more stopping power, and therefore a low-metallic brake pad is recommended. You will receive more stopping power with metallic, but these do create more noise. Ceramic brake pads will do a great job here as well, but again with a higher price tag.
  3. Sport Cars
    • If your vehicle can go 0-60 MPH in a few seconds, a semi-metallic brake pad or performance ceramic brake pad is recommended.
  4. Trucks, SUV's, and Vans
    • With heavy-duty vehicles, the more braking power you have the better. A higher metal content in your brake pads means you have more force to create that friction needed to stop those larger vehicles. The higher the metal content, the louder your brakes will be, but it's a small price to pay for an efficient and safe brake system.

If you need help making a decision on your brakes, from finding new brake pads, getting a brake inspection, or making repairs to your brake system, contact us at Kelly Buick GMC! Our expert service team is happy to help with any of your brake needs, and any other service needs you may have.