Connected Services: Discover Buick

Being on the road really puts a dent in your effort to stay connected. Missing crucial turns, not being able to call someone, losing the key to your car - these are just three things out of the plethora of issues that can arise. This is why staying connected to important people and emergency services are highly critical on the road.

In an effort to make this possible and do it seamlessly, Buick has launched its Connected Services feature across three different plans to stay connected with the help of technology. Here is a quick rundown of Connected Services: Discover Buick.

Connected Access
If you choose the Connected Acces plan with your next Buick car in Allentown, Easton, or Bethlehem, you get the service complimentary for ten years. Vehicle Diagnostics sends monthly diagnostic reports that contain information on your car's vital operating systems. You also get real-time notifications as and when potential issues are detected. 

The Buick Smart Driver feature gives you tips on your driving. The last major feature in the Connected Access plan is the Buick Marketplace, which helps you enjoy offers on retailers, hotel reservations, dinner reservations, and more.

Remote Access Plan
Available at $14.99/month or $149.90/year with your subsequent Buick purchase, the Remote Access Plan adds on to the features already available in the Connected Access plan. As an addition, you get a Remote Key Fob for Remote Start and Remote Stop. 

You also get on-demand diagnostics of your vehicle's operations, meaning that running issues can quickly be addressed. It also offers Vehicle Locate services and Location and Navigation. One can even add unlimited data at $25/month. 

Unlimited Access Plan
At $39.99/month, the Unlimited Access Plan adds on to the complete package of the Remote Access Plan. In this scheme, you get unlimited 4G LTE data and turn-by-turn navigation at the push of a single button. 

You also get Connected Navigation, which allows you to check real-time traffic in front of you and also determine the route for places of interest, such as diners, bed & breakfasts, gas pumps, etc. You even receive in-vehicle app access, which permits you to browse through content on multiple apps. 

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