Allentown is the third most populous city in Pennsylvania with almost 120,000 people. The land Allentown currently occupies was sold to the sons of William Penn in 1736. In 1762, William Allen officially founded Allentown, likely due to a minor rivalry with the Penn family. The city was significant during the Revolutionary War as this was one of the first places American patriots formed a Committee of Observation or a shadow government intended to push out Loyalist influence. More importantly, however, Allentown was the site where the Liberty Bell was hidden from the British after Revolutionary forces were pushed back following the Battle of Brandywine.

Modern day Allentown is known as a national success story by the Urban Land Institute after its extensive downtown redevelopment and transformation. The economy has turned to service following the decline of heavy industry, yet Allentown continues to thrive. When people aren’t working, there are a variety of attractions to see. The Allentown Symphony Orchestra and Allentown Art Museum are some of the best places to visit if you like high culture. Since the city is close to Philadelphia, you can find some of the best cheesesteaks here, too.

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